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Please consider sponsoring one of our deserving animals!  A donation of as little as $10 can go a long way.  To make a Sponsorship pledge using our on-line form, please click here.

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For just one story about how Sponsorship can help our homeless animals, read Scruffy’s story …

Scruffy’s Story


We seem to always be begging for help, but this boy really needed it. He was dropped over the fenced-in enclosure behind the animal control facility. He could not stand or walk. A vet determined that he has the following injuries: 1) a broken pelvis, 2) a broken ball joint at the top of the femur (with three hairline fractures), 3) a broken femur which will require pinning, and 4) a broken tibia. In addition, this one year old suffered from a horrible case of demodectic mange.

Based on the recommendations of two veterinarians, several of us concurred that the kindest thing to do for Scruffy was to gently euthanize him. I scheduled the appointment and went to pick him up from his foster mom. Scruffy wiggled out of my arms, held his injured leg high in the air, and circled back around her house to try to find her. He sat on the doorstep whining to be back inside with her. You can imagine how cruel I felt! How could I take him away, after seeing his determination to live? I couldn’t do it…

We made some appeals to see if we could scrape together donations to cover some of the vetting expenses incurred to date, and to see what our options are for treatment.  Scruffy’s news got better and better. We received over $1000 in Sponsorships to be used toward the treatment of his many medical issues — including shampoos, dips and antibiotic for his skin infection, and for surgery on his badly broken left back leg.

Terri, his foster mom, tells us: “His hair is growing back; he continues to drag that leg but cannot be stopped as to where he goes. He cried his first night home-and I knew what he wanted right away-to get in the bed with us. In order to not disturb my husband, I went to the spare bedroom and laid with him in the bed, and we got up at 7 when it was time to go out. He has no accidents in the house, eats great and I am in hope of putting some weight on him, and getting rid of the worm infestation that has been robbing him of his vital nourishment. Loving him we are!”

Scruffy is continuing to make great progress.  With a full coat of luscious hair, Scruffy has gone to live with his foster-to-adopt family. It was hard for his first foster mom Terri to let go, but she will be in close contact with his forever mom, Teri, as she takes Scruffy for his vet appointments. The breaks in Scruffy’s leg have healed well, and all that we anticipate him needing is having the ball of his femur removed and a new ball created from muscle. Continue to follow his progress here.

If you would like to continue to donate to the HSCC Scruffy Fund for Injured Animals, Scruffy would like to share your generous thoughts, prayers, and donations with others that are in desperate need of emergency care as he was.

We thank all of Scruffy’s Sponsors.  (Ruff, thank you….Scruffy.)